kw (s | ssh) [(-s | --script) <script-path>] [--verbose]
kw (s | ssh) [(-c | --command) <string-command>] [--verbose]
kw (s | ssh) [(-r | --remote) <USER@IP:PORT | CONFIG_HOST_NAME>] [--verbose]
kw (s | ssh) --send <from-local-path> [--to <to-remote-path>] [--verbose]
kw (s | ssh) --get <from-remote-path> [--to <to-local-path>] [--verbose]


Ssh into any machine reachable via the network. The --script parameter expects a bash script as a parameter to evaluate it in the target machine. The --command parameter expects a command to be executed inside of target machine.


-c <string-command>, --command <string-command>:

Receives a bash <string-command> to be executed remotely in the target machine.

-s <script-path>, --script <script-path>:

Receives the <script-path> of a local script to be run remotely.


Uses parameter to ssh into the target machine


Verbose mode is an option that causes the kw program to display debug messages to track its progress. This functionality is very useful during the debugging process, allowing you to identify possible errors more easily.

--send <from-local-path> --to <to-remote-path>:

Transfers a file or directory located in <from-local-path> to the remote destination specified in <remote-path>. If the user does not supply the --to option, the file or directory specified in <from-local-path> will be transferred to the user’s home folder on the remote destination.

--get <from-remote-path> --to <to-local-path>:

Gets a file or directory from the specified remote path <from-remote-path> and saves it to the local machine at the specified path <to-local-path>. When the user does not specify the --to option, the default destination directory is automatically set to the current directory where the user is located.


For these examples, we suppose the fields in your kworkflow.config file are already configured.

After you start your VM you can ssh into it with:

kw s -c "dmesg -wH"
kw s

If you want to send a file or directory to a remote machine:

kw s --send /path/to/file/or/folder --to /tmp/

If you want to get a file or directory from a remote machine:

kw s --get /path/to/file/or/folder --to /path/to/save