About Tests

Kw’s tests rely on shunit2. The run_tests.sh script automatically detects shunit2 in $PATH in case it is installed in your system. Alternatively, you can have shunit2 source code in tests/ (you can clone it from https://github.com/kward/shunit2).

If you want to run all the tests, try:


List all available test files:

./run_tests.sh list

Or run individual tests with:

./run_tests.sh test TESTFILE1 ...

Tests rely on some external files. These files are automatically downloaded when you first try to run a test. You can, however, force run_tests.sh to prepare the environment for running tests with:

./run_tests.sh prepare

Also, if you already have the test’s environment prepared but want to update the external files, you can use:

./run_tests.sh prepare -f|--force-update


run_tests.sh script must be run from the directory it is in, i.e. the root of the repository. Otherwise, it may not execute properly.

Kw is already prepared to run tests, build the documentation and check the installation in travis-ci . To have it continuously test your fork of kw on GitHub, upon pushes and pull requests, simply enable the travis-ci builds for it at https://travis-ci.org/account/repositories.