kw-vm - Commands to work with QEMU VMs#


kw vm (-m | --mount) [--alert=(s | v | (sv | vs) | n)]
kw vm (-n | --umount) [--alert=(s | v | (sv | vs) | n)]
kw vm (-u | --up)


Developers that use QEMU Virtual Machine (VM) as their test system usually need to use compound commands to manage their work with the VM. With this idea in mind, kw provides a set of commands to wrap everyday tasks associated with QEMU machines under the vm option.


-m, --mount:

This mounts the QEMU image in a specific directory, based on the data available in the vm.config file. Notice that the configuration file has the information about the source image and destination mount point.


Only run this command after you turn off your VM.

-n, --umount:

This unmounts the previously mounted QEMU image, based on the parameters available in the vm.config file.

-u, --up:

This starts the QEMU VM based on parameters in the vm.config file.

--alert=(s | v | (sv | vs) | n):
Defines the alert behaviour upon the command completion.
s enables sound notification.
v enables visual notification.
sv or vs enables both.
n (or any other option) disables notifications (this is the default).