kw-self-update - kw self-update mechanism#


kw (u | self-update) [--verbose]
kw (u | self-update) [(-u | –unstable)] [--verbose]
kw (u | self-update) [(-h | –help)]


The kw self-update feature facilitates the process of updating kw.

By just running kw self-update, the user can update kw based on the master or unstable branch in a simple way.

By default, kw self-update updates kw based on the master branch. If the user wants to update based on the unstable branch, the –unstable option should be used.


-u, --unstable:

Update kw based on the unstable branch


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Verbose mode is an option that causes the kw program to display debug messages to track its progress. This functionality is very useful during the debugging process, allowing you to identify possible errors more easily.


Updating based on the master branch:

kw self-update

Updating based on the unstable branch:

kw self-update --unstable